The story begins in 1997 with two thirty year olds, 3 cats, and some crazy ideas.  A few business name changes and address changes, to e-commerce.   A lot has happened in 20 years!!

We began our retail adventure with Personal Choice Furniture in Clarks Summit, a USA made solid wood furniture store.  Selling furniture wasn't our "thing ".  So we took our energy and uniqueness and fresh new ideas to Philadelphia and opened Susan's New Attic on Main St in Manayunk for 10 years.  What a roller-coaster that was!  A second location in Linwood NJ was conceived to bring our fabulous products to the Jersey shore area, with another name, ONICE.  This new name was found while on holiday in Argentina with the entire family.  Simply put, didn't know what it meant but we liked the name.  (Which by the way is onyx in Italian.)     

Fast forward to the present; Flower and Garden shows/events is the new outlet for our scaled back inventory of unique products.  Creating a new concept can be challenging - and with keeping up with new fads and fashions.  Pulling from our youth, we didn't grow up in a disposable household, everything from water to paper to Dad's flannel shirt was recycled/up-cycled. Of course we're dating ourselves now, but the things we bought lasted longer.....remember those days?  So, we believe we have put together a super collection of up-cycled and recycled products (and some that aren't, but made Eco-friendly)  This is a work in progress, forever changing.  Like the weather and my hair color.  Enjoy!